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Why Jun

Jun is a specialty kombucha that possesses a refreshing effervescence.  It is often hailed as the Champagne of Kombucha due to its delicate taste and high-quality ingredients.  It is smoother, sweeter and more palatable than kombucha. Almost like a sparkling, gut-healing soda.

The true difference between the two kinds of fermented teas lies in the ingredients; instead of the black tea and refined sugar used in kombucha, Jun is brewed using green tea and honey.  The SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) is trained to feed off of honey rather than sugar giving it the added bonus of mineralizing the drink. 

As a culture, Jun is considered to be more wild than kombucha. Because of this, you can expose it to just about any herb, creating potent healing remedies.

Tonic Ingredients and Healing Benefits

There are four main tonic components: living jun culture, filtered water, organic green tea and local, raw honey.  Each component of the tonic boasts major health benefits.  
  • The living jun culture (Scoby) contains a colony or beneficial bacteria and yeast known to enhance gut, brain and immune function
  • Our local, raw honey is filled with digestive-enhancing enzymes, essential minerals and anti-inflammatory properties, antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and is a natural source of energy
  • The organic green tea is a powerful source of antioxidants that reduces stress on the body
  • Fruits and flavor vary between each infusion but increase the unique medicinal and healing properties of each brew.
This makes Jun not only a Probiotic, but a Prebiotic as well.

Jun contains a multitude of live enzymes and acids and loads of B vitamins, minerals and electrolytes all essential to a healthy metabolism.  It also builds defenses against allergens and benefits both the mind and body as it has a colony of beneficial bacteria and yeast that enhances gut, brain and immune function.  It also helps replenish your gut of friendly bacteria—a great aid to the digestive system.